Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 5, 2017 Director's Meeting Minutes

MCPLA Meeting Minutes
September 5, 2017
Currie Park Club House

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President John Haeflinger. In attendance were officers and directors
representing the following MCPLA Clubs:
Brown Deer – 2             Currie – 0                    Dretzka –1         Grant – 4
Greenfield - 0                Oakwood –3                Whitnall - 2

Treasurer: Ken Lauffer:
Operating Account      2,859.67
Cap Fund Account      9,352.42 
Checkbook Balance  12,212.09
The checkbook is reconciled through August 31, 2017

Tournament Director: Bob Freuck
Arnold B Walker Championship  August 26-27 @ Whitnall
A special “Thank You” to the Whitnall GC leadership for a successful tournament under unforeseen,
last minute problems.
2017 Participation relatively consistent since 2010
Average participation per MCPLA course:
             Dretzka/96      Oakwood/106      Brown Deer/98       Whitnall/95 

John Haeflinger:
NIMAGA (42nd annual)
September 23, Evergreen CC. Need 32 players, also up against 1st Team competition on the same day.
Entry forms coming in extremely slow. Help is needed!!

Old Business:
Approved landscape work at Brown Deer GC most likely be delayed until 2018.

New Business:
Major discussion regarding 1st Team & 2nd Team competitions in 2018 with many positive, constructive ideas proposed and discussed. Some key thoughts:
       Definite need to attract younger participants.
       All competitions to be a shot-gun event
       All competitions to be match play
       Combine 1st Team & 2nd Team events on same day

*A special “Thank You” to Mr. Dave Church. Dave has agreed to lead a specified group of MCPLA leaders
to establish a proposed plan for the 2018 season, hopefully by the October Director’s meeting.

2018 MCPLA Schedule:
Complete, final 2018 schedule is now on the MCPLA website.    

Next Meeting:
Tuesday October, 3 @ 6:30, in the Currie Clubhouse.  Following a short business meeting the election of 2018 MCPLA officers will take place. All clubs are encouraged to be represented for his meeting. MCPLA members interested in serving in this capacity are encouraged to contact John Haeflinger prior to the October meeting to discuss details.

 Motion made, seconded and approved to adjourn.

 Respectfully Submitted,
Glenn Frohwirth, Secretary