Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 11, 2017 Director's Meeting Minutes

MCPLA Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2017
Currie Park Club House

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President John Haeflinger. In attendance were officers
and directors representing the following MCPLA clubs:
Brown Deer – 1             Currie – 0                    Dretzka –0            Grant – 3
Greenfield - 0                Oakwood –1                Whitnall - 3

Treasurer: Ken Lauffer:
Operating Account      8,333.56
Cap Fund Account    14,237.40 
Checkbook Balance  22,570.96
The checkbook is reconciled through June 30, 2017

Tournament Director:  Bob Freuck
Arnold B Walker Championship  August 26-27 @ Whitnall
Applications are coming in slowly, will contact Chet Hendrickson to release email
to discount card holders.

John Haeflinger: NIMAGA (42nd) September 23, Evergreen CC, need 32 players,
also up against 1st team that day, apply early.

Old Business:
Scoreboard discussion for clubs requesting them. Will attempt to get a bid for the same
design as Brown Deer's, which is on wheels.

New Business:
Discussed need for monthly meetings. A review will be undertaken and suggestions made at next meeting.

Next Meeting: Tuesday August 1, 6:30, Currie Clubhouse.  Following a short business meeting the 2018
Scheduling Meeting will take place. All clubs MUST be represented for his meeting.

 Motion made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 7:20pm

 Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Cohn, Vice President