Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MCPLA Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2016

MCPLA Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2016                Currie Park Club House

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President John Haeflinger .Also In attendance was Treasurer Ken Lauffer. The Vice President and Secretary were attending a Meeting at Brown Deer Golf Course representing the MCPLA and Brown Deer Men’s Club in discussion regarding moving the Driving Range at Brown Deer Park.
Brown Deer-0 Currie-1 Grant-4 Whitnall-2 Dretzka-3 Oakwood-1 Greenfield-0

Motion made and carried to approve minutes of May 3, 2016 meeting

Treasurer: Ken Lauffer:
Operating account $3,021.77 CAP Fund Account $8,183.07
Checkbook is reconciled through May 31, 2016

1st Team: No Report provided

2nd Team Brian Pederson, MCPLA 2nd Team Director
First two events completed, both courses did excellent job hosting and there were no on course issues. Year to date standings:
Currie-507 Brown Deer-437 Whitnall-420 Dretzka-356
Grant-353 Oakwood-335 Greenfiels-122

Brian expressed concern that there may be participants playing for clubs that have not paid their club dues. He also had concerns that all participants are not posting their scores in a timely manner. The President will email Clubs to follow up. Brian also discussed the possibility of each Club 2nd Team Director making their roster and submitting it to Brian rather than pairing by handicap.
Senior/MidAm results were discussed by Tournament Direct Bob Freuck. Participation was better and with all the volunteers he had everything went very smooth.

Arnold Walker Applications are out and Bob is looking for a good turnout at Brown Deer.

NIMAGA: September 24, 2016 at Evergreen. Applications will be out in late July or early August.

Symetra Tournament at Brown deer it still looking for volunteers August 16-21 at Brown Deer. Contact John Haeflinger for more info.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45

Respectfully Submitted,
John M. Haeflinger President