Monday, March 14, 2016


NOTICE!!......MCPLA MEETING April 5, 2016......NOTICE!!

The MCPLA meeting scheduled for April 5, 2016
will be held at the Parks Administration Building
on Watertown Plank Road starting at 6:30 PM.

Friday, March 4, 2016

MCPLA Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2016

MCPLA Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2016
Currie Park Club House

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President. John Haeflinger. In attendance were officers
and directors representing the following MCPLA clubs:
Brown Deer – 2      Currie – 5               Dretzka – 3               Grant – 5
Greenfield - 1         Oakwood – 5          Whitnall - 4                                       

Individual introductions made by individuals present.

Dave Labinski introduced as meeting host and new head PGA at Currie Park.

Motion Made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes from the October 6, 2015 MCPLA meeting.

Treasurer: Ken Lauffer:
Operating Account: $1,786.20      CAP Fund Account: $8,183.07
The checkbook Is reconciled through February 29, 2016.
       *2016 MCPLA/$7 per individual member

1st Team:
Final results:
1st Greenfield              2nd Whitnall                3rd Oakwood
      Trophy at Greenfield             

 2nd Team: Brian Pederson, MCPLA 2nd Team Director:
Final Results:
1st Brown Deer            2nd Greenfield             3rd Currie
      A brief discussion followed regarding current situation of dealing with “no shows” at matches.

Tournaments: Bob Freuck, Tournament Director
MCPLA Senior/Mid-Am                    May 21-22      Greenfield
Arnold B. Walker Championship       August 29-30  Brown Deer

John Haeflinger:
44th NIMAGA Challenge                   September 24  Evergreen
       2015 event ended in a tie, MCPLA retaining the trophy
MCPLA meetings are on the web site and will be held at Currie GC
Golf Show       March 11-13, 2016
       Friday 1PM-7PM          Saturday 10AM-6PM          Sunday 10AM-4PM
       MCPLA has one (1) volunteer for each shift
       Hand-out required with e-mail address’ of all MCPLA Clubs specified.

Course changes: Scott Walecki to Dretzka / Dave Lubinski to Currie / Robert Duyse to Grant

Cap Fund 2015
$1,000.00 Credit used for markers at Brown Deer GC
$2,731.00 Kreger Patio at Brown Deer GC
$6,380.00 Brass logoed tee markers at Greenfield GC

New Business:
John Haeflinger:
Need a list of MCPLA Club members with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail address' by May 1, 2016.
Brown Deer GC has had several Ash trees removed (per Jon Canavan memo).
600 new rule books purchased: Each Club to receive 90% of 2015 membership, leaving
        approx. 50 available in case additional books needed. Books were free with shipping cost of $198.00 payable to the WSGA.
The Symetra Tour will again be held at Brown Deer GC in August and will be in need of volunteers.      Additional info to follow.

Bob Cohn:
Volunteers are being accepted for the 2017 US Open to be held at Erin Hills.

Motion made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 7:20PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Glenn Frohwirth, Secretary