Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oakwood Park Golf Course, August 22-23, 2015
2015’s Arnold Walker Tournament will go down in the books as one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of running. Conditions were great, weather was almost great, competition was great, and I had a great handful of volunteers. First and foremost, I would like to thank PGA Pro Andy Gieryn and his staff for the wonderful job they did not only during the tournament but in getting the course set up for us. The greens were awesome and course conditions were very good. If you get a chance to use your winnings at Oakwood I would encourage you to do so. Many thanks go out to the wonderful volunteers who helped keep things running smooth. Lou Patscot, Jay Anosov, Ken Lauffer, Rich Luczkowski, Karen Luczkowski, and John Haeflinger were a huge help and I thank you all. A special thank you to Arnold Walker for his help on the course Saturday all day and part of Sunday. His tireless effort is an inspiration to us all. I would also like to thank my wife Michelle for putting up with the many hours it takes to make this event happen.

Congratulations to Champion Bruce Henning, and flight champions Mark Best, Tom Zeinemann, and Rich Luczkowski. Everyone who cashed will be mailed gift card good at any of the County Pro shops for merchandise.

Championship Flight – 21 players
Champion Bruce Henning 71-71 142 $130 & Plaque
2nd Robert Yurasovich 73-71 144 $100
3rd Michael Harris 71-75 146 $80
4th Rocky Sperka 73-77 150 $65
4th Steve Grusczynski 74-76 150 $65
6th Mike Fischbach 75-76 151 $50
7th Paul Koszarek 78-74 152 $40

A Flight – 26 players
Champion Mark Best 139 (net) $130 & Plaque
2nd Jerry Gitlewski 142 $83
2nd Gerry McGrath 142 $83
2nd Steve Wolter 142 $83
5th Jake Boulware 144 $60
6th Steve Jaeger 145 $40
6th Craig Mushinski 145 $40
6th Thomas Zellmer 145 $40

B Flight – 25 players
Champion Tom Zeinemann 137 $130 & Plaque
2nd Jack Bruss 141 $83
2nd Brian Pederson 141 $83
2nd Tom Wanta 141 $83
5th Dave Frederick 144 $45
5th Dan Gehrke 144 $45
5th Jeffory Klak **** 144 $45
5th Rich Saks 144 $45

C Flight – 22 players
Champion Rich Luczkowski 139 $130 & Plaque
2nd Wayne Wagner 140 $100
3rd William Lowe 141 $80
4th Joseph Gregorich 143 $70
5th Bob Hebl 144 $60
6th Jim Janicek 146 $50
7th Joe Maiorelle 148 $40

****Hole in one by Jeffory Klak Sunday on the 17th hole using a smooth 7 iron!!!!!

Finally, my big thanks to my boss Bob Witczak, GM of Stan’s Fit for your Feet for his time on Saturday showing some of the new styles of shoes available from your favorite salesman (ME!!!!) at the Brookfield and other Stan’s and New Balance stores. I will be letting the winner of the free shoes who won as soon as I know. I hope to see you all at my store so I can make your feet feel better!!!

Bob Freuck,
Tournament Director, MCPLA

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