Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July, 2015 Treasurer's Report

June, 2015 Treasurer's Report

MCPLA Meetings 2015

There is to be NO Director's Meeting in July
Next meeting Tuesday, August 4, 2015
 Currie National Club House

July, 2015 Treasurer's Report:

Operating Account $4,539.29
CAP Fund Account $14,264.07

The checkbook Is reconciled through June 30, 2015.
All received bills have been paid and all deposits made.

All MCPLA Clubs have sent in their reduced 2015 MCPLA dues and those who paid before the reduction have been reimbursed. It was pointed out to the treasurer that this was a reduction for the 2015 season only.
MCPLA membership is as follows:
Brown Deer           200 (up 16 from 184)
Currie                    66 (up 12 from 54)
Dretzka                  40 (up 6 from 34)
Grant                     73 (down 5 from 78)
Greenfield             35 (same)
Oakwood               90 (down 10 from 100)
Whitnall                102 ( down 1 from 103)
TOTAL                 606 (up 18 from 588)
The first reimbursement for 1st Team & 2nd Team match players with annual passes has been sent out to the Clubs. This is sent out after the first six matches.
Ken Lauffer
MCPLA Treasurer

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