Thursday, February 6, 2014

02.04.2014 Minutes

MCPLA Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by President John Haeflinger. In attendance were four officers and directors representing all seven MCPLA clubs.

Personal introductions followed with participation by all present.

President John Haeflinger announced that Arnold B. Walker has been awarded Honorary Membership in the PGA of America.

Ken Lauffer provided the Treasurer's Report:
-As of December 31, 2014 the Operating Fund Account totals $3,731.41 with an additional -$10,981.77 available in the CAP Fund Account.
-$3,040 was added to the Cap Fund in 2013. $365 was disbursed from the CAP Fund for sliding doors for the Greenfield GC display case to make it secure.
-The CAP Fund balance provided does not include the $1,000.00 remaining on the Milwaukee County “IOU” that was part of the Verti-Speed Spreader purchased in February, 2010.
-Motion made seconded and carried to accept the Treasurer's report.

Ann Bloomfield, Milwaukee County Parks Commission, Provided a brief update on conditions
and updates, highlighted as follows:
-Eric Gitter PGA, will no longer serve at Currie Golf Course. Eric has accepted an employment opportunity with Taylor Made Golf.
-MCPLA non-resident members will be able to purchase Golf Discount Cards at the Milwaukee County resident rate(s). MCPLA golf courses are being enabled to provide on-site cards.

1st Team Report lacking as a 1st Team Team Director has not as yet been determined.

2nd Team Director, Brian Pederson did not have 2014 changes to report at this time.

Update on 2014 Tournaments
-Bob Freuck provided Tournament Director' report:

All MCPLA Tournament participants will be provided “user friendly” applications. A separate rules sheet will be provided at the host course prior to competition.

Bob is working closely with New Balance Shoes to enlist their sponsorship for MCPLA events.

2014 Schedule as follows:

MCPLA Sr/Midam May 17-18 Whitnall GC

ABW Championship August 23-24 Dretzka GC

-John Haeflinger, President reported:

NIMAGA September 20 Evergreen GC (MCPLA won 2012/2013).

Worker's Tournament *October 19 Greenfield GC (VP Robert Cohn)

(May have to be re-located due to fall aeration of greens)

WPLA Publinx June 7-8 at Washington County GC

WPLA Fischer June 27-29 Riverside

WPLA Sr/Midam July 12-13 TBA

WPLA Billy Sixty July 26-27 Oakwood GC

WPLA State Championship September 6-7 TBA

President John Haeflinger's report:

-1st/2nd Team Directors are encouraged to work out Team Match pre-payment schedule/Season Pass Holders with various Club treasurers.

-2014 MCPLA schedules were made available.

-A reminder to all MCPLA Clubs that questionnaires are due immediately.

All present are encouraged to promote MCPLA, WSGA and NIMAGA events within the various Clubs.

-2013 1st Team Champions (Greenfield) and 2nd Team Champions (Currie) acknowledged.

-2,000 MCPLA “flyers” have been printed for distribution at the 2014 Golf Show being held at State Fair Park:
Friday, March, 14 (1:00-8:00pm)
Saturday, March 15 (10:00am-6:00pm)
Sunday, March 16 (10:00am-6:00pm)

-MCPLA member/volunteers are encouraged to be present at the Milwaukee County exhibit/booth to distribute flyers and to promote MCPLA Clubs. Entrance tickets will be provided for those providing assistance.

-MCPLA Club Rosters must be provided no later than the May MCPLA meeting. A clean hard- copy is required or a copy may be e-mailed to . Rosters must be provided to Milwaukee County at that time.

MCPLA Updates/John Haeflinger

-Rack rate raised to $74.00 seven days a week at Brown Deer/ All MCPLA Members will get $45.00 level at Brown Deer. Other courses stay the same $30.00 and $25.00.

-Handicap for MCPLA will increase from $25.00 to $26.00 (public increase from $30.00 to $31.00)

-All courses are driven by revenue. We must keep pace or 2014 will result in later tee times. Clubs and team captains must find ways to keep things moving.

-Course set up is based on weather and course conditions. We are encouraged to work with each course and setup the host course based on all conditions.

Scheduling for 2015 to be completed and submitted by September 1 for approval by

September 15.

-Rounds not canceled 10-14 days in advance are the Club's responsibility. Notify ASAP so Milwaukee County can fill the spots.

-All PGA professionals are back with the exception of Currie GC as indicated earlier.

New Business

-The need for an annual February MCPLA meeting was questioned due to weather conditions and the long time period prior to the start of the season. Matter briefly discussed and will be discussed further.

Motion made, seconded and approved to adjourn at 6:40pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Glenn Frohwirth, Secretary