Sunday, November 2, 2014

Roger Erdmann Remembered

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that my dad passed away on Wednesday.  It was one of his great joys to be a member of Oakwood Men's Golf Club. He loved the game of golf, the competition and the friendships made at Oakwood.
Information about visitation and services can be found at
Please pass this on to the club.
Thanks.  -"David"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NIMGA Results

MCPLA Members,
Yesterday September 20, 2014, 31 MCPLA players braved the wind and the sunshine to Battle the NIMAGA boys for the 39th time.
 I am happy to report that our guys showed up to play. The outcome when the dust settled was:
MCPLA        63 points
NIMAGA      33 points.
The Trophy is being engraved and will be housed at Grant Park until next year.
The team consisted of players from the following clubs:

Brown Deer        12
Grant                    8
Oakwood              5
Currie                   5
Whitnal                1 
Best Regards,


Friday, September 12, 2014

MCPLA Results

54th MCPLA Arnold Walker County Championship 
Dretzka Park  August 23 & 24, 2014 
REMINDER: Due to some problem with Bluegolf, you will need to post both days scores as a Tournament (T) score for handicapping purposes as soon as possible. 
    PGA Professional Hanc Spivey and his staff did an excellent job providing great tournament conditions. Their assistance was incredible in helping make my job as Tournament Director’s life much easier. The course superintendent along with Jon Canavan’s help had the course in great shape. Please remember to thank these people for their efforts and support of the MCPLA competitive golf program. 
    Many thanks must be given to our dedicated volunteers who gave many hours of their time to help the event run smoothly. These special folks make it happen. My personal thanks go out to starters Glen Jaeger and Mike Knecht, spotters Mike Nowotny and Mark Nelson, scorers Michelle Freuck, Jay Anosov, John Haeflinger, Rich Luczkowski and Glen Jaeger. A very special thank you goes out to Arnold Walker for his on-course help both days. His tireless contribution to golf in Wisconsin is a great inspiration to me and many others in this area. 
     Congratulations to Champion Jeremy Brown, and Flight Champions Matt Moureau, Darrell Frenzel, Jason Kappes and Rich Luczkowski. Also a hearty congrats go out to Jeremy Brown for his eagle Saturday on hole #18 and Mike O’Neil for eagle Sunday on hole #10. Those who cashed will receive their merchandise gift cards with this letter. They are good at any County Golf Course Pro shops and are for merchandise only. 
Championship Flight  (15 players) 
1. Jeremy Brown71-77=148 $130 & Plaque 
2. Bob Yurasovich75-74=149 $100 
3. Paul Koszarek73-77=150 $80 
4. Rocky Sperka79-74=153 $70 
5. John Bechard80-74=154 $60 
A Flight   (24 players) 
1. Matt Moureau138.6 $130 & Plaque 
2. Charles Randolph141.6 $100 
3. Drew Martin141.8 $80 
4. Ted Krotts146.6 $70 
5. Vince Sperka147.8 $60 
6. Rick Bartman148.4 $50 
7. Jerry Gitlewski148.6 $35 
7. Kevin McGarry148.6 $35 
B Flight   (20 players) 
1. Darrell Frenzel138 $130 & Plaque 
2. Tom Condella138.6 $90 
2. Brian Grossman138.6 $90 
4. Rich Saks141.2 $70 
5. Gerry McGrath141.4 $60 
6. Greg Gebhard142.8 $50 
7. Steve Jaeger143.8 $40 
C Flight   (12 players) 
1. Jason Kappes135 $130 & Plaque 
2. Tom Wanta141.2 $100 
3. Dan Meyer141.6 $80 
4. Roy Bishop143.8 $70 
D Flight   (18 players) 
1. Rich Luczkowski142 $130 & Plaque 
2. Wayne Haase144 $100 
3. Bob Hebl145.2 $80 
4. Phil Nero148.4 $70 
5. Bryan Olen148.6 $60 
6 Bernie Raml148.8 $50 
     The spring tournament (format yet to be determined) is tentatively scheduled for Greenfield Park, although may be moved to Currie depending on the construction schedule and the Arnold Walker is scheduled for Oakwood. If you have any input as to how we can tinker with the spring tourney, please contact me with your ideas. One idea is to change the Mid-Am part of this to a one day tournament instead of two, leaving the sr tournament as a two day event. I am also trying to incorporate a team aspect to this event.  
Bob Freuck 
Tournament Director 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sad News for MCPLA

Jim Hautala, starter at the  Oakwood Golf Course, passed on Tuesday, September 2. He was in his fifties (heart problems). That is all the info that we have at this time.
Secretary,  Glenn Frohwirth

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last First Team Match at Currie

The Student has learned pretty well from his teacher.   Great job Scott starting the first team match.  The match is too close to call stay tuned for results...

Starting at Currie Park - MCPLA First Team Match Play

Here are the results from today at Currie and Final Results. Thanks for playing today. All skins money was paid out and Bob Romans has Mark Beyer's winnings.

Today's Results:

Whitnall - 111 Points
Currie - 110 Points
Greenfield - 106 Points
Oakwood - 102 Points
Brown Deer - 67 Points
Dretzka - 44 Points

Final Year End Results:

Standings   1 2 3 4 5 YTD
Whitnall     90 118 108 145 111 572
Greenfield  137 92 113 114 106 562
Oakwood  94 102 95 93 102 486
Currie 94 100 104 66 110 474
Browndeer 91 84 79 99 67 420
Dretzka 34 44 41 23 44 186