Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

tee times for Sunday AWC

2013 Arnold Walker County Championship 
Sunday, August 25th Tee Times 
10th Tee 
6:16am Jason Kappes Mark Schreind lMark McQuide 
6:25 Mark Cuthbert Dwight Beatovic Dan Gitlewsk iAlex Helin 
6:34 Craig Muschinski Drew Martin Andy Schmitt Paul Grau 
6:43 Barry Brookes Paul Markowski Greg DiSalvo Thomas Zellmer 
6:52 Dave Holt Greg Gebhard Tom Condella Rich Saks 
7:01 Mark Ebert Steve Amble Brian Grossman 
7:10 Ray Ruper Bob Salzer Mike Reister Tom Herron 
7:19 Phil Nero Roger Abel Rick Palmtag Dale Somers 
7:28 Tom Theilman Rich Luczkowski Robert Riordan Robert Knoop 
7:37J im Fergal Bernie Mattheis Charles Cottrill Wayne Wagner 
7:46 Bruce Myslis Rick Reiter Bryan Olen Jon Kappes 
7:55 Mark Nelson Jeff Camosy John Haeflinger Russ Hinz 
8:04 Bob Cohn Bob Hebl Brian Pederson 

1st Tee 
6:16AM Larry Henry Steve Jaeger Tom Wanta Mark Best 
6:25 Jeffory Klak Bill Condon Randy Koktowski Darrell Frenzel 
6:34 Steve Wolter Gene Haas Ted Krotts Daryl Flemion 
6:43 Hoana Bui Damian Wozniak Richard Bartman James Schubert 
6:52 Jerry Gitlewsk iJake Boulware Jan Dyke Phil Levin 
7:01 Dave Church Gerry McGrath Rob Martin Richard Clark 
7:10 George Elleseg Al Sherman Bob Romans 
7:19 Lloyd Tindal Jeff Corcoran Jim Ignatowski 
7:28 Brent Wong Pat Boyle Jeremy Brown Marc Casper 
7:37 Steve Gruczynski Brandon Johnsen  Dave Ullenberg Rocky Sperka 
7:46 Frank Showers Eric Olson Matt Moureau John Bechard 
7:55 Jim Humbert Ron Hayek Paul Koszarek Bruce Henning 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

40th Annual Challenge Match MCPLA/NIMAGA

The 40th Annual Challenge Match between MCPLA and NIMAGA will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at Evergreen Golf Club in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The Competition will be Match Play between teams from each Association. Details of the competition are set forth on the reverse side.

NIMAGA leads the Challenge Match Series 20 to 17. The 1987 and 1998 matches were halved. MCPLA won in 2001 and 2002, suffered a one point loss in 2003 and enjoyed victories in 2004, 2005, 2006 , 2010 and 2012. Please join a great team and help us bring home the trophy again this year.

Print Application

1st Team Match Results

Last match for 1st was completed at Greenfield Park

View Results

Friday, August 9, 2013

07.09.2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:30

Officers in Attendance: John M. Haeflinger President
Ken Lauffer Treasurer

Grant-2 Brown Deer-2 Oakwood-2 Dretzka-3 Whitnall-2 Greenfield-0 Currie-3

Treasurers Report-$18,751.44 as of July 5, 2013

Minutes of previous meeting are on Website and Approved

First Team and Second Team results are on the Website.

There was some discussion about changing Second Team scoring and going to 6 points and eliminating Stroke play in an attempt to speed up play. I referred that subject to the Second Team Director and if he and his Captains want to rework the Second Team rules for 2014 they can present the new draft during the next two meetings so if anything changes we will have time to approve and react to the changes.

2013 Club Rosters were emailed to Chet at the County and the Officers of the MCPLA. If someone needs them, we can email them.

The results for the MCPLA Senior/MidAm held May 18 and 19 at Grant Park are on the website and the Applications for the Arnold Walker Championship is on the website and emailed to the clubs.

2014 Scheduling Meeting will be September 5, 2013. I will be mailing out notices with the 2014 Scheduling Template in August.

CAP FUND 2013 Request:

The Glass Trophy case at Greenfield to hold the First Team Trophy was installed and the Trophy will now be secure. The cost was $365.00 and paid by the MCPLA Treasurer.

Glen will be stepping down as Secretary after this year so we will need someone to step up. With Ken Collins from Currie handling the website this year the new treasurer will not be responsible for posting on the website. He will just need to get the information the Ken.

After meeting was Adjourned, Dan Webb and Ken Collins asked for a minute with the President to discuss some issues and potential changes. I suggested the put together a presentation and present it at the August meeting.