Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MCPLA Golf web site

Hello and welcome to this video on the MCPLA Golf web site transition to new format in attempt to address some of the communication concerns during this snowing 1st quarter in 2013.

Some pain points we are trying to address include amount of time to get information published; hard to locate information; one person funnel we are all busy; snail mail just out of date; amount of time to enter information; formatting of information.

The old format of the site worked; it was limited in who can publish information to the site.

With the new format…  

All the same information is available; provided the information is shared in a timely manner. This is still the responsibility of various Directors providing the information.

The new format of the site is a “blog” style website; therefore, all the latest information is on the site just like reading your email. The difference is you don’t have to stumble through all your emails to see the information quickly.

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