Thursday, March 14, 2013

03.12.2013 Meeting

MCPLA Meeting Minutes

President Haeflinger called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. In attendance were three officers and eighteen directors representing the following clubs:

Brown Deer – 3 Currie – 6 Dretzka - 1
Grant – 3 Greenfield – 2 Oakwood - 3
Whitnall - 3

Treasurer's Report:
Current balance, as of 4-Mar-13, is $14,647.18. This includes $10,981.77 in CAP allocated funds. There is also an additional $1,000 for the CAP fund in the form of an IOU from the County that was part of the Verti-Seed Spreader purchase in 2010.

Secretary's Report:
Minutes from the 5-Feb meeting have been posted on the new MCPLA website:

Guest Speaker
Mr. Ken Collins, new MCPLA website for 2013
Mr. Collins will be taking over the MCPLA website this year
Ken presented the new website format via a “live” demonstration
Website is a “blog” style setup, allowing quicker posting of information
Go to the website now and view a short video explaining all of the changes and benefits of the new site.
Note: it is still key that information to be posted on the website get to Ken in a timely manner; he can’t post what he doesn’t have.

2nd Team Report
2nd Team Director Brian Pederson reported everything is moving along for start of season. First match at Grant on Sat May 4th.

1st Team Report
Still looking for Director for 1st Team
Captains have been meeting, discussing possibility to reduce from 12 to 10 players for each match. Some discussion ensued. Motion was made to reduce 1st Team matches from 12 to 10 players and seconded. There was no further discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

Directors are reminded of their responsibility to promote the MCPLA, WPLA, NIMAGA and WSGA amongst their club’s members.

Prez Haeflinger needs a clean copy of each club’s roster on or before the May meeting. Paper copy or can e-mail to him at

MCPLA Tournament Schedule:
Bob Freuck reviewed the season’s schedule;
Senior/Mid-Am at Grant May 18th/19th. Need to promote to increase the entries; is there an issue wiuth the current dates?
ABW Championship at Whitnall Aug 24th/25th
Bob inquired if bringing in a “sponsor” would be allowed. Maybe help in increasing entries, providing financial support (increased prizes), tee gifts, etc. Nothing in by-laws appears to prevent this. Further investigation can take place.
NIMAGA Sept 21st at Evergreen
Worker’s Tournament Oct 13th at Dretzka

New Business:
Golf Show update. Consensus that it went well. MCPLA had a handout available, listing contact info for each of the clubs. Handout is also posted now at the Currie Golf Dome.
Topic of “dual membership” at MCPLA clubs was brought up. Significant amount of “spirited” discussion ensued. In the end, no further action is necessary at this time by MCPLA. Each individual club can address as they see fit.
New PGA pro at Whitnall, Andrew Gieryn
Glen is stepping down as Secretary at end of 2013, need to find replacement (website is NOT part of the job anymore).

Next meeting Tuesday, April 2nd, at 6:30pm

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